The Semlex Group founded in 1992, is a composed of privately owned companies with an extensive, expertise in the development integration, operations, management and supply of advanced systems via different methods of identification.

Semlex Group provides secure identification and authentication systems based on biometric security solution , official documents, services of access control. Semlex Group documents are provided at their security printing house that produces high added value documents for more than 30 governments in the world.

The technology used by Semlex Group is based on ”Biometric Identification and Authentication Systems” making it possible to authentically diagnose or monitor a person’s identity with fingerprints, facial recognition or retinal image. Not only but also this group developed the systems that operates in an high secured computing environment like image compression and data encryption whose accesses are strictly controlled. They developed a suite of software ensuring the management of population through technologies mastered such as biometric (fingerprints, iris image, facial image).

On the country like Rwanda on which its citizens always use the same documents of what are produced by Semlex Group(Birth certificates, marriage certificates, national identity card, foreign resident card, driving license, voter’s registration card, passport, VISA, immigration control documents and professional cards). Semlex Group is needed in Rwanda to get on this new and advanced technology of using secure document and to achieve the needed technology in the country.

Through this kind of technology, counterfeit documents will be avoided in the country and there will be full security of all official documents

When dealing with Rwandans who tried to attend this conference on this kind of technology, it seems that they are very happy for those secure and clear products and services brought to them. It seems also that they are ready to enjoy this technology. This is clear where the General Director of NIDA, Pascal NYAMULINDA said he is confident of this technology because it will help them to overcome challenges faced on identification especially the low levels of investment by the governments and other authorities in Africa.

Through Semlex Group, the documents are managed in a single application, a solution of counterfeits documents in the developing countries. Let’s enjoy digital life where easy, quick and secure documents are produced.
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By Nsengimana Theoneste

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